Family Portraits: 

60-90  minute session and 35-45 fully edited high resolution images


All sessions include time and talent of the photographer, a laid back and FUN session that will provide you with photos that capture exactly who you are and a private online gallery within 7-10 days of your session.  You’ll receive the rights to print or share your high res images but Mrs.007 Photography will retain sole copyright. A $75 deposit is due upon booking to guarantee your desired date and location. The deposit is applied to your regular session fee on the day of your session.  Sessions include up to 6 people.  Please add $10 for each additional person.  I strongly recommend printing from a high quality professional print lab.  I can recommend one to you.

$350 +  TN sales tax with $75 deposit due at booking


Lifestyle Session:

60-90 minute session at your home just being you!  

This session is me documenting real moments with your family in your home.  The interactions between you and your people are more important than any smile you could flash at my camera.  This is where true love shows through.   Your husband’s goofy grin, your child’s scrunched nose belly laugh, your adoring gaze at your little one’s face. These are the things that make you a family. I want to sit on the floor and play with your kids while they do their thing. I want them to show me their favorite toys, read me their favorite book. Bake a cake, sing a song, dance in your kitchen.  In 10 years I want the images that I provide you to be a record of what your real life was like at this moment in time.

$350 + TN sales tax with $75 deposit due at booking

25-35 fully edited digital images


Maternity Package:

60-90 minute maternity session

we can do this in your home with some lifestyle shots and then move to a second location if you wish!

$275 +TN sales tax with $75 deposit due at booking

25-35 fully edited digital images



Birth to First Year Package:

30 minute Hospital session

2-3 hour newborn session

four 30-60 minute sessions at 3,6,9 and 12 months

20-30 fully edited digital images for each session

$1,000 total + TN sales tax

$500 due upon booking birth to first year package

$100 session fee-due at each session


Newborn Package:

2-3 hour newborn session

25-35 fully edited digital images

$450 + TN  sales tax with $75 deposit due upon booking

These tiniest of humans are best photographed in the first 10 days. They are very sleepy in the first 10 days meaning that I can move them without waking them up. It becomes much more difficult to create those sleeping shots after this time. Please contact me before your baby is born and we will pencil something in around your due date.   Just give me a call or send a quick text to let me know he/she has arrived and we’ll get your session date and time nailed down.


It’s not uncommon for a newborn session to last up to 3 hours or more. We need to allow plenty of time for feeding, diaper changes and plenty of time for the baby to fall into a deep sleep. As your baby will be in their birthday suit for the majority of the session I recommend that before I arrive you get your house nice and warm. It’s also a good idea to feed your baby prior to my arrival. If you undress your baby (down to their diaper) and swaddle in a blanket before feeding we can avoid waking your sweet bundle by undressing them.  Please know that if your baby is unhappy at any point during your session we’ll take a break and continue once you feel he/she is ready. We will take as many breaks as needed!

Newborn sessions will be conducted in your home. I don’t need much space to set up but the room we shoot in needs to have plenty of natural window light. I may ask to change the rooms if I think a different area in your house will work better. Please don’t worry about any mess either, I completely understand and have lived through those hazy first days/weeks/months at home with a brand new baby/ life with kids in general!


Hospital Room Package:

20-30 minute in-room hospital session

10-15  fully edited digital images

$200 + TN sales tax with $75 deposit due upon booking


Senior Package:

90 minute session (at two different locations if desired)

2 outfit changes

20-30 fully edited digital images

$450 + TN sales tax with $75 deposit due upon booking.


Headshot Package:

30 minute session

5-10 fully edited digital images

$150 + TN sales tax with $75 due upon booking